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2011 Calendar
R Date Place  
1 23-24.4 Spa Franchorchamps BE
2,3 14-15.5 Assen NL
4,5 15-17.7 Most CZ
6,7 13-14.8 Oschersleben DE
8 23-25.9 Assen NL
Season 2011 starts 23.4 in Belgium at Spa Franchorchamps.

See you there!

Tomas 6th In Round 1

Round 1 was held at Spa Franchorchamps in Belgium during the weekend.

Tomas wrote on the Norrshine Motorsport page a short impressum of the weekend.

Message From Tomas

"On way back home from a great race weekend in Spa. On raceday, sunday i managed to get focused the race. Had a great race and going out for the last lap i held the 5th. Position. Dropped to 7th and had to do a deamon braking manouver in to last chicane before start-finnish line. I passed both riders in front of me. But... going way to fast in to the chincane, i could do nothing but turn in. Found myself i a big twowheelslide supported by my knee. Managed to save the situation, and stay on track and wheels. One rider did pass me again and i finnished in 6th. Position. Laptimes improved 3s compared to qualifying, and own laprecord 1s better. 26┬°C and sunshine during the race."

Next Round 2

Now the focus shifts to round 2 which is driven 29-30.5 in Assen, Netherlands.